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我们提供英文继续学分。请按照说明购买。这是一个简单的过程,但是要能够看读英文。如有问题请电: 1-310-623-2384. 谢谢。

How does it work?
The online acupuncture courses are approved by California and Florida. Once you’ve made your purchase and received the course material, read the material and answer the sets of multiple-choice questions quiz at the end. If you have any good cases pertaining to the course, please submit them for teaching references. However, if you are not treating such cases, there is nothing to submit. We will retain your answers and issue you the certificate upon satisfactory passing the quiz.

Which is better, online purchase or mail order?
The online acupuncture course option is by far the quickest and easiest way to receive your certificate. Courses purchased online are all in PDF file format and do not contain any videos. Mail order acupuncture courses consist of video/DVDs and printed text. To place an order by mail, please call the office at (310)623-2384. We can send your order by regular, priority, or express mail.

After I finished the purchase, I did not get an email purchase order and a download. Now I do not have the link, what can I do?
Simply email us at (preferred) or call us. We can send you the link or make adjustments. BUT PLEASE DO NOT FILE A DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL. Doing so will cause further complication and delays.

How long does it take?
If you sign up for an “X hours” online acupuncture course, per the approval process, you are supposed to spend “X” amount of hours. However, because this is a home study program, we do not keep track of your time. You keep track of the time you spend on the course.

What kind of computer or software do I need to do the webinars?
Presently we use Cisco/Webex as the host. Most modern computers or PCs are compatible.

My computer is an ipad, can I use it to join the webinars?
Most ipads are not compatible. It is not advisable to use ipads.

Where do I submit the code given to me at the end of the webinar?
Go to your account page and select the webinar you took in active courses. You will be brought to a page with access to a “quiz”, in which you enter in the code you were given to at the end of the webinar.

I can not open my link for my course material. Can another link be sent in another format?
The link to the course material is for a standard PDF format download. Please try to open it on another computer.

I do not have a PayPal account, can I still use a credit card for purchase?
Yes, you do not need to have a PayPal account for purchase.

Can I do all of my courses and submit them all at once?
Yes, but it is not advisable to do too many courses in a day as it may trigger an audit.

How soon will I get my certificate?
Upon satisfactory passing the quiz and filling out your license profile, the certificate will be issued online automatically.

How do I access my certificate after completing a course/webinar quiz?
To pull up your generated certificate, return to the my account, section of the site and select “view results”. There you will be shown a grade, and a link to view your certificate.

PLEASE READ THE CONTENTS OF THE BUTTONS CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS WHEN PURCHASING. If you have purchased the wrong course, DO NOT FILE A DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL. Simply email or call us at (310) 623-2384 and we will gladly make the correction or refund you.(Note: Per our purchasing policy, we only allow a full refund once per customer)